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Award Winning Cannagars

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Our cannagars are the first to enter the Massachusetts market. Each cannagr is handmade with a palm leaf wrap, corn husk filter, and a 24k gold inlay on the tip. Our cannagars are packed with premium hand ground cannabis, no trim or shake. Each cannagar is packed with a hollow center to provide precise airflow, an even burn, and natural flavor.

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A Transcontinental Connection

The Yamna or Yamnaya people were a nomadic tribe dating back to the Copper Age/Early Bronze Age.  They originated in Eurasia and are credited with the domestication of cannabis.  As Pioneers, the Yamna learned the vast ways in which marijuana could be utilized, spreading that information and trading the plant across Europe and Asia.  These trade routes would eventually become the famous Silk Road.


The Yamna brand embodies this ancient culture of education and sale of cannabis.


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Barras, Colin. “Founders of Western Civilisation Were Prehistoric Dope Dealers.” New Scientist, 7 July 2016, www.newscientist.com/article/2096440-founders-of-western-civilisation-were-prehistoric-dope-dealers/.

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Full Retail List

1.Nature's Remedy (all locations)  2.Canna Provisions (all locations)  3.Silver Therapeutics (all locations)  4.GreenStar Herbals (all locations)  5.Diem Cannabis   6.Gage Cannabis  7.Central Ave Compassionate Care  8.The Vault  9.Bud's Goods and Provisions  10.Cultivate (all locations)  11.Garden Wonders  12.Apotho Theraputics  13.Campfire Cannabis  14.Zen Leaf 15.Holyoke Cannabis  16.DDM Cannabis  17.CNA Stores  18.Clear Sky Cannabis  19.Resinate, Inc.  20.United Cultivations 21.Panacea Wellness  22.Redi  23.Nature's Medicines  24.Trade Roots  25.Fine Fettle  26.Native Sun  27.Capital Cannabis 28.Full Harvest Moonz

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660 Douglas St, Uxbridge, MA 01569