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Our extensive strain list:


1.Alien Butter  2.Big Block  3.Blue and Cream  4.Casper OG  5.Crystal Cookies


6.Donny Burger  7.Dosi Do  8.Double D  9.Double Take  10.ECSC Freak  11.Frosted Cookies  12.Future Wife


13.Gelato 33  14.Glukie Breath  15.GMO  16.Haze Freak  17.Iced Gushers  18.Johnny Utah  19.Kiwi Candy


20.Lemon Heads  21.Lemon Tree  22.MAC 1  23.Meat Breath  24.Meat Madness  25.Mystery Meat  26.Neville's Haze 


27.NL5 Haze X SSDH Mix  28.OG Chem  29.Pink Sands  30.Platinum Candy  31.Platinum Scout  32.Platinum Valley


33.Point Break  34.Punch Breath  35.Purple Roc Berry  36.Purple Scoops  37.Purple Starbust  38.Rainy Lady


39.Rocket Fuel  40.Skunk #1  41.Stankassaurus  42.Sundae Driver  43.Super Lemon Haze  44.Ted Bundy 


44.Tony Clifton  45.Triple Crown  46.Wedding Cake  47.White Widow.


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Premium Cannagars now on Leafly

Our cannagars are the first to enter the Massachusetts market. Each cannagr is handmade with a palm leaf wrap, corn husk filter, and a 24k gold inlay on the tip. Our cannagars are packed with premium hand ground cannabis, no trim or shake. Each cannagar is packed with a hollow center to provide precise airflow, an even burn, and natural flavor.

Our Retailers:

Nature's Remedy (all locations)

Canna Provisions (all locations)

 Silver Therapeutics (all locations)

GreenStar Herbals (all locations)

Diem Cannabis

Gage Cannabis

Central Ave Compassionate Care

The Vault

Bud's Goods and Provisions

Cultivate (all locations)

Garden Wonders

Apotho Theraputics

Campfire Cannabis

Zen Leaf

Holyoke Cannabis

DDM Cannabis

CNA Stores

Clear Sky Cannabis

Resinate, Inc.

United Cultivations

Panacea Wellness


A Transcontinental Connection

Historical records indicate that cannabis first appeared around 10,000-11,000 years ago in parts of Europe and Asia. 5,000 years later, a sharp rise in marijuana use appeared.


The Yamna or Yamnaya people were a tribe originating in Central Asia. They are one of three tribes credited with the foundation of European civilization. During the Bronze Age, they dispersed eastward to Asia. This was around the same time cannabis was first distributed.


A transcontinental connection formed between Europe and Asia where Eurasians transported goods across the Mongolian Steppe, a trade route that would eventually become the Silk Road. 


Several cultures show evidence of cannabis use during the Bronze Age, the earliest being the Yamna.  Some scholars credit the Yamna with the domestication and smoking of marijuana; which paved the way for individual use. 


The independent use of Asian and European cannabis allowed the plant to become a cash crop and may have been the driving force behind the transcontinental connection.

The Yamna brand embodies this ancient culture of education and sale of cannabis.


Anthony, David W. The Horse, the Wheel and Language: How Bronze-Age Riders from the Eurasian Steppes Shaped the Modern World. Princeton University Press, 2010.


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Barras, Colin. “Founders of Western Civilisation Were Prehistoric Dope Dealers.” New Scientist, 7 July 2016, www.newscientist.com/article/2096440-founders-of-western-civilisation-were-prehistoric-dope-dealers/.


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